Welcome to angus on the prairie.  The story of Rundles Angus Farms and Henkel Family Farms.

By Tom Burke 

 For 77 Years, A Tried and Proven Source of Superior Angus Bloodlines

Warren J Rundles     Nov. 20, 1921-Oct. 14,2011


Rundles Angus Farms is located in the fertile farmlands of central Illinois in McLean and Woodford Counties and has roots

dating back through central Illinois for a century. 


Warren Rundles was 13 years of age when his father, C.M. “Charles” Rundles purchased his very first registered Angus cows. 

Two of the very early cows who came into the program were Eline Environ (577768) this daughter of Earl Marshall 36, was born

April 20, 1939 and bred by Charles Rundles, also accompanied by her daughter Eline Environ 2 (625493), a daughter of Earl Burgess 4,

born October 28, 1940 and bred by  Charles Rundles. These two females were to set the stage for what was to become the famous Rundles

“Eline” family, which was to surface as one of the dominant families in their program. 


As the herd continued to grow and develop, it was time to buy a noted herd sire. Rundles were indeed fortunate in acquiring Eileenmere

499th (699154), who was born January, 1932 and acquired from their longtime friend, J. Garrett Tolan, in a private treaty transaction in 1943.

He cost $5,000, which was a mighty hefty investment for an Angus bull at that time.  Eileenmere 499th was sired by the American Royal Grand

Champion and Senior Champion at the International in 1941, Eileenmere 260, who sold for $15,000 to Ravenswood Farms, to

establish a record price for a beef bull for a twenty-year period to the date of the sale. He, in turn, was sired by Eileenmere Eclipse,

who was the Grand Champion Bull at the International and sire of two International Champions, one Senior Champion and two

Junior Champions at the International. Eileenmere 260’s dam, Evergreen Lady T7, is also the dam of the many-times Junior

Champion, Eileenmere 300, whose grandma, Evergreen Lady T3, won her class twice at the International Livestock Show. The sire

of Evergreen Lady T7, Blackcap Mahaska, produced a 1st Prize two-year-old bull at the International.


The first calves by Eileenmere 499th began arriving at Rundles Angus in 1944 and they were sensational! The most

notable was Eileenmere R 21st, born on June 19, 1944, in the fertile pastures of Rundles Angus in central Illinois. Eileenmere R

21st had all the great characteristics of his great sire, Eileenmere 499th. Eileenmere R 21st was to bring great fame and fortune

to the Rundles Angus herd, as they exhibited him at the 1947 International Livestock Show where he was a class winner and

won the coveted award as the 1947 International Reserve Grand Champion Bull. He was used quite heavily while being shown

as a Senior Yearling; nevertheless, he won his class at the 1946 Indiana State Fair. Eileenmere R 21st’s dam, Blackbird Eileen

R, (716594), born July 20, 1942, sired by Eileenmere 220, was bred by Charles Rundles. Blackbird Eileen R was bred through

Eileenmere 85th with a strong blending of the best of Earl Marshall breeding.

At the 1947 International Livestock Show, the Rundles bred and exhibited the 2nd Prize Pair of Bulls, both sired by

Eileenmere 499th, Eileenmere WR 3rd and Eileenmere R 21st.  In the 40s, 50s and 60s, the Rundles family was very active

in the Central Illinois Angus Association, where Warren served as Vice-President in 1961 and President in 1962. They held a

number of sales each year at their sale pavilion near Congerville, Illinois.

An outcross bull added to the Rundles program was Bardolier A13, born May 27, 1949 and a grandson of Blackbird Bardolier

GR, bred in the A. R. Althaus & Son herd at LaMoille, Illinois. He proved to be a most outstanding sire in the program.

The real magic cross in the Rundles program was mating the International Reserve Grand Champion Bull, homebred

Eileenmere R 21st, to his half sisters by Eileenmere 499th. One of the great bulls to come from this cross was Eileenmere CR 50th,

born on July 4, 1948, he placed fourth in a strong class of two year-old bulls at the 1951 International Livestock Show, with the

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Bulls both coming out of that class. Many leading herds attempted to buy Eileenmere CR

50th, but their offers were rejected, as he continued to be a very popular sire in the program.

On January 6, 1952, Bardoliermere CR 10th was born, a bull representing three generations of Rundles breeding. He was

sired by Bardolier A13 with his dam by the International Reserve Grand Champion, Eileenmere R 21st, second dam by Eileenmere

499th. This bull placed 5th at the American Royal and 7th at the International in a strong class of Junior Yearlings. The real test

was his sensational calves.

Through the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the Rundles hosted many successful production sales. The Rundles family held a

production sale on Monday, December 5, 1955, at the Central Illinois Angus Association Sale Pavilion in Congerville,

Illinois. This sale featured the progeny of the Rundles owned Eileenmere 499th and the Rundles bred International Reserve

Grand Champion, Eileenmere R 21st. The after sale party was highlighted by Col. LeRoy Van Dyke singing his now legendary

song, “The Auctioneer.” Le Roy was at the sale serving as a ring man representing the Chicago Daily Drovers Journal.


1956 was to mark a sad year in the Rundles program - the death of Eileenmere R21st, the International Reserve Grand

Champion Bull who lived to be 12 years of age. By that time, due to rules instituted by the American Angus Association, once a

bull died, he could not be used any longer, as a deceased bull’s calves were ineligible for registration.

In 1957, the Rundles returned to their longtime friends, the Tolans at Pleasant Plains, Illinois, and added Eileenmere 1610

to their program. Eileenmere 1610 was sired by Eileenmere 1100, who sired 21 International 1st Prize winners. His dam,

Paulinemere 6th, was an own daughter of the 1946 International Grand Champion Bull Eileenmere 500. Eileenmere 1610 was to

prove to be a great investment in the Rundles program. A great son of Eileenmere 1610, Eileenmere WR 61st, born

November 5, 1958, was retained and used with great success in the Rundles program. He was the 1st Prize Junior Bull Calf at the

1959 Indiana State Fair. His maternal grandam, Blackcap Lady S 2nd, was Warren’s show heifer in 4-H work. She produced 8

heifer calves and 1 bull calf and proved to be from a great cow producing family in the Rundles herd.

They were fortunate to own one of the great breeding bulls of the time, a bull born on September 25, 1954, raised by master

breeder J.C. McLean of Quincy, Illinois. He was the famous Dor Macs Bardoliermere 32nd. Dor Macs Bardoliermere 32nd was

a full brother to the International Grand Champion Bull, Dor Macs Bardoliermere 65th. Dor Macs Bardoliermere 32nd left

an indelible mark of breed improvement in the Rundles herd. A daughter of Bardolier A 13th, a Rundles herd sire, mated to

a daughter of Eileenmere R 21st, the 1947 and Rundles bred International Reserve Grand Champion descending from

Eileenmere 499th, the foundation sire in the Rundles herd, produced the great C R Bardoliermere 3210, who was born

on May 8, 1961. He was Grand Champion at the 1962 Central Illinois Preview Show and Junior Champion Bull at the Heart of

Illinois Fair in Peoria. At the 1961 All-American Futurity, Mrs. E. H. Heckett of Hecksmere Highlands of Valencia, Pennsylvania,

purchased a one-half interest in 3210 for $7,500. He was mated to daughters of the International Grand Champion Bull, Dor

Macs Bardoliermere 10 in the Hecksmere Highlands herd in Pennsylvania, with great success.

At the 1960 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, Rundles Angus Farms bred and exhibited the Reserve

Grand Champion Pen of Three Angus Bulls. At the 1964 Illinois Futurity, the Rundles exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion


The 60s was to mark the addition of a new herd sire in the Rundles program, the famous Ankonian Prestige, born on July

1, 1963 and owned jointly with Curtin Angus Farm at Blue Mound, Illinois. The first son of Ankonian Prestige shown was

the 1st Prize Late Senior Bull Calf at the 1965 Illinois State Fair and was Reserve Champion at the Central Illinois Preview

Show. Prestige sired the 1966 American Royal Champion Pen of Three Bulls who were bred, fitted and shown by Rundles

Angus. The 1966 Rundles Angus sale featured the progeny of Ankonian Prestige with Hamilton James of Newton, Illinois, Ken

Coulter of Goodfield, Illinois and Bill Carter of Canton, Illinois as auctioneers. Dale Baird represented the American Angus

Association, Jim Rentz represented the Angus Journal and Lye Eiten represented the Cornbelt Livestock Journal.

The ’70s were the “Colossal” era for Rundles Angus, as they introduced Shalco Colossal 50, a son of Canadian Colossal out of

a granddaughter of the famous Price of Red Gate 19. He was one of the very first Colossal bred bulls to come to Illinois. In 1972,

the Rundles Angus Farm Sale was held on Saturday, November 18 with a guest consignment from Creekside Farms in Ohio.

The last Angus production sale the Rundles were to host was held on Saturday, December 7, 1974 and featured the blood of

the Canadian Colossal son, Shalco Colossal 50. The late ’70s, ’80s and ’90s were a time that the Rundles program continued to

produce volumes of bulls for commercial cattlemen throughout the country. The herd continued to maintain a high level of

quality show cattle shown aggressively through Central Illinois, the Illinois and Wisconsin State Fairs. They also bred, fitted and

showed the Best 6 Head at the 1990 Illinois State Fair. In the early ’90s, due to health concerns, the show herd was put on hold for a

few years.

1994 was to mark quite a landmark event at Rundles Angus; it was the time that Brent Henkel joined the Rundles team. Coming

from a background of Hampshire hogs, he totally understood the purebred industry and really fit into the operation. He and

his wife, Jenny, are 1996 graduates of Illinois State University, Brent with a degree in Agriculture Production and Agriculture

Business/Horticulture, and Jenny with a degree in Agronomy/Animal Science. They, along with their son Abe and soon to be

new arrival, became important day-to-day components of the Rundles Angus operation. Today, daughter Kate adds her input

to the operation as well.

Rundles Angus purchased the Reserve Grand Champion Bull, Lot 69, K F IROC 269, born April 7, 1995 and bred by Kramer

Farms at Farina, Illinois. He had a 205-day weight of 832 lbs. and proved to be a great sire in the Rundles program. Another

outstanding bull to come into the program was H F EXT 980, a son of N Bar Emulation EXT out of a full sister to the famous

LF New Trend 4100, and has proven to be an excellent bull in the program. The other great Rundles herd sires featured the

performance traits of DHD Traveler 6807 and OGL Battlecry, both Winn 6807 Nugget 1589 and Waldeck Battery 0697 are

doing a phenomenal job in this performance program. Over the past several years, Warren and Brent made the

decision to add Canadian blood to the program through Double AA Old Post Bandolier, Soo Line Motive 9016 and HF Tiger 5T.

A masterful step in the future of the Rundles herd to continuethe legacy through the Henkel family.

Through the years, probably the greatest cheerleader at Warren’s side was his loving wife, Eloise, who passed away in

October 2010. They were married over 67 years and together, made many friends in the Angus industry. Today, Brent, Jenny,

Abe and Kate invite you to help commemorate Warren’s 90th birthday and many years of experience in the Angus industry.

Sadly, Warren passed away before he could realize this final sale. Please join us and help us celebrate 76 years of progressive

breeding and Angus enthusiasm, and his 90th Birthday!